From farm to dairy to you!

We are dedicated to the quality of our milk and the cleanliness of our dairy.



Harrisburg Dairies performs numerous tests on the milk that is received to ensure quality products. Tests are first conducted on raw milk at the farms before being brought to the dairy. Once the raw milk arrives at the dairy, more tests are performed before unloading it from the tanker trucks and before it is processed. The final tests are conducted after the milk has been pasteurized and homogenized, and is ready for distribution.

  • Flavor Testing
  • Standard Plate Bacteria Count – Determines the general sanitary quality of raw milk.
  • Direct Microscopic Cell Count – Indicator of mastitis in the dairy herd.
  • Laboratory Pasteurized Bacteria Count – Used to show the thoroughness of equipment sanitation and to detect sources of organisms responsible for elevated bacteria counts in pasteurized milk products.
  • Growth Inhibitor Test – Determines the presence of any beta lactam drug residues.
  • Acid Degree Value Test (ADV) – Tests the milk for acids that will cause the milk to have a rancid flavor.
  • Screening for Antibiotics – This is done before unloading milk from the tanker trucks to test for antibiotics and beta-lactam drug residue.
  • Standard Plate Bacteria Count – Determines the general sanitary quality of the milk.
  • Flavor Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • Standard Plate Bacteria Count – Determines the general sanitary quality of the pasteurized product.
  • Coliform Bacteria Count – A very accurate test which measures the effectiveness of a plant’s cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Phosphatase Test – Determines if dairy products have been properly and correctly pasteurized.
  • Growth Inhibitor Test – Determines the presence of any beta lactam drug residues.
  • 14-Day Incubation Bacteria Tests and Flavor Tests – Determines the length of time the milk will stay fresh.
  • Flavor Testing
  • Temperature Testing


Harrisburg Dairies is 100% committed to the safety of its products. We realize that our customers rely on us to ensure that they are not only drinking a great-tasting product but also a very high-quality product. This is why Harrisburg Dairies has voluntarily secured the services of AIB International, a pioneer and leader in food safety auditing and education.

With over sixty years of experience in the United States alone, AIB International currently conducts yearly inspections and audits in over 10,000 facilities in 120 countries worldwide.  Their 130 highly trained and qualified field inspectors divide their time between conducting inspections and audits by 60% and 40% respectively.  An inspection is a thorough physical review of a food facility to assess what is actually happening at that specific moment in time, whereas an audit is a systematic evaluation of food facility documentation to determine if programs and related activities achieve planned expectations.  On average, the entire process takes approximately two days to complete and is repeated annually.

All AIB food safety inspections are conducted according to the AIB International Consolidated Standards, which include foundational elements from CODEX, ISO, and FDA global regulatory agencies and a compilation of best industry practices.  The Standards consist of five categories for inspection:  Operational Methods and Personnel Practices, Maintenance for Food Safety, Cleaning Practices, Integrated Pest Management, and Adequacy of Prerequisite Programs and Food Safety Programs.  Each category is allocated 200 points for scoring purposes, for a total of 1,000 available points with an eligible passing score of 700 points or more.   

Facilities scoring in the top 25% of all areas for their business category are awarded a Superior Recognition of High Achievement, a status not easily achieved. Harrisburg Dairies is proud to announce that we have been granted this award for the past three consecutive years!  We appreciate our loyal customers and will continue to provide outstanding service.  When searching for a provider to supply your needs, please consider Harrisburg Dairies as your premier dairy!