We are working on some exciting new changes at Harrisburg Dairies!!!

You are dying of thirst.  You can’t wait to get that cool refreshing drink of Harrisburg Dairies tea.  And then….you can’t get that stupid cap off.  Sound familiar??  Well not anymore!!!  Gallons and ½ gallons have been changed to screw cap lids. Love this!!! We are in the process of converting our quarts and pints to screw caps and will let you know when that has been done.  We have changed our labeling (So pretty!!!) and our regular tea line now has a larger selection.  It will include Diet Tea, Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea, and Tea-monade.  Our Southern Brewed line will consist of SB Tea, SB Unsweetened, SB Green Tea, SB Mango.  And lastly, we have moved our 56 oz to ½ gallons and our 14 oz to pints.  All these changes are so that we can make our product better for you.  If you are interested in promoting our line, please call your salesperson to discuss how we can grow together!